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Hunters info


We hope to answer a lot of questions in the following, which is to make sure the Fantasy Cream is fun for everyone.
Our hunt is held pretty easy, not too hard, but we insist on a hunt being a hunt – for lovers of the concept of hunting in Second Life.


1 L$ Hunt, gridwide.

The Hunt starts at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dandelion/205/47/35
While you are there, have a look at the sponsors market, buy some items for a nice price, for example the new never seen ultimate amazing exclusives and vote for your favorite exclusive creation in the Vote&Win contest!
Each voter has the chance to win something at the end of each Fantasy Cream.


Ask here if you need additional help – other hunters are the best hunt assitants.
Please do not bother the busy merchants by IMing them or Notecarding them. Some may like that, others may not.
Merchants are in the same group, so, if they like to, and have time, they may be able to help you there.
General chit chat OK!
Advertisement in chat NOT OK


SLURLs List: http://www.fantasycream.org/locations/


There is a Hint Giver at each location with each the most current hint.
There is no and will be no Hint Blog – should you find one, you found a cheater blog and should tell them kindly to take it down.
If asked for additional Hints/Help, do not give direct links to the hunt objects… this is cheating.
For the reasons above we encourage our merchants to move their items as often as they like.


Fantasy Cream Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/fantasycream/

Feel free to share your screenshots and artwork related to Fantasy Cream and Fantasy Cream products!


Drop a notecard in our mailbox at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dandelion/205/47/35 with any sort of complaint, suggestion & detected issue.
Example issues : location not found, no gift in the item, no hint or old or extremely misleading hint. This will help us to sort it quickly.


Be respectful. Always. Everywhere. To everyone, whether or not you think they deserve it.
If you come over rude or like drama-queen or troll, you are on risk of being banned from shops and our group.



The Hunt & Market with Contest runs a whole month.
Take your time, look around at the Fantasy Cream Market and the shops, let everything rezz and see if there are extra offers with bargains.
Giving traffic is nearly as nice as buying from a store you like.
But please do not ! park on top or directly by the Hunt Item.

And here is a good written blog post with general help and info for hunters: Hunting Tips